Some Older Photos of Projects from 2009-2012

I was asked to cut out a 9-11 Memorial for 43 Union Workers who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attack.  It was hard to take a picture of the stainless without getting a glare, but it has the names of the victims and the Twin Towers are etched into the background.  This Plaque is placed inside the UniteHERE Local 100 Union Hall in New York City. 

This was a 26 ft. tall, 7 ft. wide steel mural cut in Jun of 2011 for Snake River Outdoor Sports, Pocatello ID.  It was installed on the outside of the building after being flame colored and clear coated.

These custom signs were 6 ft. wide and 5 ft. tall.  Studs were welded on all pieces and then powdercoated a dark bronze.  They were installed by the customer into a rock wall in California.  Courtesy-Coloma Resort, Coloma, CA. 

A customer in Arizona had me cut a custom stainless decal for an amplifier that he uses in his band.  

An art student in Illinois had me waterjet a copper corset for a college project she was working on.

Another photo of the corset.  It was later formed around a mannequin to give it the desired shape.  December 2011.

A set of custom keychains 2 1/2" tall made from 1/8" stainless.  June 2012.


A custom ambigram waterjetted from stainless and polished for a customer in Chicago, Illinois.  October 2011.

The Pocatello Pedal Fest 2012 had me build 8 individual plaques like the one above for the major sponsors of the event.  June 2012.

A customer in Alabama wanted a custom cut name tag for her granddaughter's nursery.  These were about 2 in. tall and rusted to give them a weathered appearance.  May 2012. 

We are now building dutch dampeners which are adjustable vented metal cookers that accommodate 10, 12, or 14 inch dutch oven cookers.  The charcoal is placed in the dampener, and with the vents on the side the temperature can be precisely controlled.    


This design was copied off a pipe welder's business card and cut out with the plasmaCAM for his welding rig.


3 completely different stainless steel head waterjet cut, fired, and clear coated for a private waterfall.  The fish have 1/4" studs on back to mount to the rocks in the waterfall.    

A custom plaque made from brass, steel, and aluminum for a memorial marker. 

Sign for Raven vs. Steelers football game on CBS Sports pre-game show that was aired on Saturday January 15, 2010.  Courtesy of Shawn Robbins, Robbins Media-New York, New York.

A donation for the Sun Valley Corrosion Conference-January 2011.

4 of these large signs, some being 4' tall and 5' wide, were cut for the Longshadow Ranch in California.  

Cutting the sign at left on the PlasmaCAM table.

I designed and built this charcoal vertical rotisserie smoker for making Gyros, Prime Rib, Spiral cut Hams, and Chicken called the Smoke & Spin.

The smoker holds charcoal on two sides and food turns on the spit controlled by a motor attached to the bottom. One can be ordered and made for anyone who wants one.

The meat being prepared that we had for a barbeque at a neighbors house.  Being prepared to place in the smoker and cook.

The meat at left being smoked in the Smoke & Spin.


These Jeep axle parts are no longer being made. A customer had me trace and scan an old one and waterjet cut out 5 new ones for him.

These 1/4 inch stainless steel plaques were cut out for the cancer society foundation in California.  

Custom cut elk sign 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall.  December 2010.

Custom built firewood rack.

These two firewood racks had branding iron brands cut out and welded to the front to customize them.  

Closer look at the branding iron brand mounted on front of the firewood rack. 

A custom stainless waterjet sign.  Courtesy of Kern Environmental Education Program of California.  The animals and the lettering were cut out and were mounted on 1 inch studs to give the sign a 3D appearance. 

A custom aluminum diamond plate display case was fab'd for a local customer to sell motorcycle merchandise.  Courtesy of Rid'n Rock, LLC, Pocatello, ID. 

Some 1/4 inch aluminum vine patterns were cut on the waterjet and screwed to the surfaces of some custom wood cabinets to give them some uniqueness. 

The sign on the left was cut from the .pdf photo on the right.  These are being shipped to California to be used as awards for a race. 

Customer had us plasma cut an old buzz saw blade into a wall hanging.  

Spencer Bates did an Eagle Project for the Marsh Valley Middle School by making them a sign to display in front of the school in Arimo, ID.

A custom built ATV blade.  It is 5' wide, angles 20 degrees each way.  This one went on my Arctic Cat 550.

The blade was all cut on the PlasmaCAM as well as the custom fit belly pan.

The same style blade only this one was for a 500 Yamaha.

The blades all have built in wear bars on the bottom which eliminates the need for the adjuster pads like on other models.

Another custom snow plow blade for a Honda ATV.  November 2010.

Blade made for a neighbor's Polaris RZR.

This blade was for a 700 Polaris ATV.

The blade in the 20 degree right position.


This was a custom built sign for an Army unit in Ft. Campbell, KY.

The sign has a yellow backing, steel black top, and stainless wings, skull, and wrenches that matched the units insignia.  The entire sign was cut out and designed on the OMAX waterjet software.

A custom request for a metal sign with a persons own design for an address marker that went to Charleston, South Carolina.


These are some stainless Jalapeno pepper roasters.  They have 1" holes in them and have 1" tall legs that work great for making stuffed peppers on the grill.

This was a set of black lab silhouettes with a 24" bar for a Christmas gift making a nice towel rack.



The same lab pattern, only enlarged and made into a single towel holder.

This is a commanders plaque for a U.S Navy Unit in California.

The commanders' father sent me the units insignia, I scanned and traced it on the OMAX software, and then cut and etched it from 3 different layers of metal and bonded everything together for a 3-D appearance.

This is a 2' x 6' custom request of a dumptruck and loader for a construction company's handrail.  It was inserted into the handrail and had pickets around it.



A custom sign for a Christmas gift that went to Montana.

Another metal sign for a Christmas item that was sent to Utah.

Using the OMAX waterjet, you can mill the hex shape of a bolt head in very hard steel, such as this AR-400 plate.
The bolt pattern matches the existing hole pattern in the loader bucket, grade 8 bolts installed, and no special stove or plow bolts are necessary.

The waterjet is capable of milling out hardened metals.  This AR-400 plate was installed at a fraction of the cost of using new grader blade.  Courtesy of Thunderbolt Stone, LLC-Inkom, ID

A hexagon pattern was milled into the plate the same size as the bolt head at a depth of 1/2" and then the 3/4" hole was cut into the plate to match up with the existing holes in the bucket.  This allows you to use std. grade 8 bolts instead of plow bolts.

A grave marker cut out of 3/16" steel with the PlasmaCAM and sent to Texas.

These signs were ordered by a customer in California for a display in his T-shirt booth in which he sells items during rodeos.

A custom built fireplace grate with the family's initial of "W" welded on the front.

The grate was custom built to match a new homes' custom sized fireplace.

I rolled some light gage alum. tubing for some custom signage.

Signs prior to polishing and shipping.

A custom built sign for the 1st Church of Christ in Kentucky.  This was made with curved aluminum tubing, 1/4" solid rod spacers, a waterjet cut faceplate, and then the Church added colored plexiglass and a light to the back that illuminates the entire sign.

The second sign, only with blue lighting vs. red.  Courtesy, 1st Church of Christ, Kentucky.

More aluminum framing.  These were two custom built stands built to hold 52" plasma TV's and match the above R3 signs.  Courtesy, 1st Church of Christ-Kentucky.

A donation for the South East Idaho Mule Deer Foundation for their annual banquet in Pocatello, Idaho.   Courtesy-Buzz Taysom.

A custom buggy and horse sign made from 316L Stainless for an entryway.  

Here is the buggy and horse sign after installed on a pipe frame over the customers driveway to his home.  He also added his name, and his brand to the side of the wagon for a special look.

A 4' x 8' custom steel sign with 5 silhouettes added to the face of the sign to give it a 3D appearance.  Courtesy, Cowboy Way-Inkom, ID.  

Drain cover cut from 316L Stainless for JR Simplot Co., Pocatello, Idaho.

A custom ordered dagger cut from 1/4" mild steel, sharpened, and painted.

A custom sign for a military organization/training center in Washington.

Closer look at the Hexmate sign.

A custom sign in progress.  This skull was made of stainless, then formed by hammers to give it a 3D curve to it.

The knife was cut, ground, polished, and a wooden handle was formed to it and covered in about 200' of leather lacing to give it a realistic look.

The skull, ribbon, wings, and dagger were all assembled after polishing and sandblasting.  The sign is now 4 ft. wide.

The completed sign.  This was made at the request of Major Brian Hughes,Cdr. B co. 4/160th SOAR (A) after 18 Special Operations Soldiers died in an aircraft in Afghanistan in the Spring of 2005. The aircraft's ramp name was EVIL EMPIRE, and the sign was dedicated in memory of those who lost their lives.  The sign is now displayed at the company's headquarters. 

A steel ball-peen hammer I made in a college night class at Idaho State University from a piece of rebar.

A short run of custom built parts that were waterjet cut and formed on the press brake, Courtesy of Flometrics, Inc.

A sign made for a customer's boat house.

Custom designed sign for log cabin.

A waterjet cut trunion cap for a bulldozer.  Made from 2" steel.  The owner could not find a replacement, so had me build one from an existing cap.

A custom made poodle for the Zoz family in Ohio for their privacy gate.

The gate had two poodles and a custom cut "Z" in the middle.  They were shipped to Ohio, then welded and painted by the owner.

A set of custom stainless signs for a restaurant.  These were waterjet cut and polished.

In 1980, there was a fire at the MGM casino in Las Vegas.  I was contracted by the Culinary Workers Union to scan, trace and cut a Memorial Sign for the 25th anniversary of the tragedy.  I scanned this off some photo's and pictures, cut it out of 1/4" stainless, and hand buffed it.  It is hanging at the  Local 226 Union Hall, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A closer look at the Casino on Fire, I etched the building, the windows, and the billowing smoke with the OMAX waterjet.  It's hard to see in this picture, but if you get to Vegas, please look at it in person. 

A sign for a Boy Scout in the nearby town of McCammon, Idaho.

A Custom sign for a customer in New York.  The letters were waterjet cut, welded on small studs to give it an elevated 3D look, and then welded to the back plate.  It was very hard to get all the letters to be level and even.

I was asked to donate something to a snowmobile club for a Poker run.  I made a 2' x 4' table with elk and trees in it, painted it with stove-black paint, and put a pine top on it for a coffee table.  I then added two candle holders to the bottom.

The candles, when lit, turn the table into an indoor fire-pit of sorts.  Kind of neat, kind of romantic. 

A customer asked me to design and weld up a wood stove for his shop.  This one was built from 3/8 plate, and was 24" dia, and 4 ft. long. 

A local telephone company had me waterjet cut their logo and install it on a manhole cover for some great advertising.

I built a custom 2 place snowmobile trailer.  The trailer slides back approx. 26", then dumps.  It also has a lazy susan style top that spins around 180 degrees for easy unloading.

The trailer is easy to pull and loads/unloads easily.

A custom diamond plated fold-down bench seat for an enclosed trailer.  I fab'd and welded the aluminum up in the shop.


A customer in Utah had me cut 2 1" thick stainless steel branding irons.

I designed and built a large pig smoker in the summer of 2008. 

Welding the charcoal box on the smoker.

Cutting the vent holes on the smoker.

Mounting the 5' wide smoker on the trailer.

I had to name it, so I came up with the saying "Blowin Smoke"

Test firing the smoker to get the soot and scale burned off.

Smoker used as a large grill for an IBEW retirement party in July of 2009.  Here grilling up 23 ribeyes at one time.

Close-up of the steaks..

The trailer after painting with a rack of trout and steelhead smoking away.  It worked out very well. 

A neighbor had me waterjet cut and install some after-market running boards on his snowmobile.

A 4' x 8' steel sign for McCammon, Idaho's entrance to the city. 

A custom sign for a local man running for State Senate.

I welded and fab'd up a new blade for a mini excavator. It had curved sides and a new grader blade.

Another view of the blade.

A sign for a local archery organization in Pocatello, Idaho.

A 2' x 4' sign for a local pub to invite the many motorcycle riders to town.

My first attempt at heating mild steel and coloring it with the torch.  It's harder than it looks.


A large project of building a split level deck.  The old deck was torn down and the yard was cleaned.

I then dug holes, set steel posts, and welded the framework together. 

Handrail and steps were installed from the deck down to the street.  All fab work was done on site with nothing sent back to the shop.

The completed deck.  The lower portion is about 14' x 10' and the upper end is about 12' x 20. 


A set of 3/16" Brass church door brackets cut for Blackrock Forge, Pocatello Idaho.

Some metal art silhouettes cut from 12 ga. mild steel with the PlasmaCAM.

A local customer had me cut 6 plates of deer, elk, moose from 3/8" steel.  He then added 6 more plates inbetween these to make a 12 sided fire pit that also doubles as a pig roasting pit.

A wood clock cut in the shape of the state of Idaho.

Idaho Material Handling, Pocatello Id, the local service contractor for Nissan Forklifts, had me cut and fab up a belt buckle for one of their mechanics after getting copyright permission from Nissan.

Custom alum design for personal memorial

Metal sign approx. 48" wide of the Grand Tetons mounted on wood backing.

Moose horn with waterjet silhouette cut-out. The customer had a circle cut into the horn to hold a picture of the hunt.

Metal trees scanned, traced, and cut from a customer in Jackson Hole Wyoming's business card.  Courtesy of Grand Homes of Wyoming, Jackson Wyoming.  

A POW-MIA plaque made for the annual motorcycle rodeo held in Pocatello, ID every year.  Courtesy, Pocatello Cycle-Pocatello, ID

A custom stainless sign mounted on pine.  The lettering is mounted on spacers that offset it from the board to give it depth.  Courtesy, APEX Inc., California.

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