The  Chopper  Project
In 2005, I bought a frame and decided to build myself a custom chopper.  I got to use all the tools in the shop including the waterjet and the plasma table to make a very unique bike.  This is the pictures of the bike as it progressed.  It has been finished now for a few years.


                        The chassis has a 6" stretch on the downtube with an add'l 4"on the back.  I opted for the softail as I enjoy having kidneys.  Picture courtesy of Demon's Cycle.

            The forks are 10" over.  I don't know if I'll keep the spokes or buy some billet wheels and waterjet something cool out of the centers.  It's 8'6" long right now.

                   Went with a 250 on the rear this time.  Would like to build another one sometime with a 300, but that's down the road.

            8.5" wide.


 I bought a 96" S & S for the powerplant.   Sept. 2005.

Tires and rims mounted.  October 2005.

Getting the S&S 96 mounted in the frame.

Rough fitting the open belt drive and 6 speed to the frame along with the fenders.

Everything fit up with the kickstand installed.

After waterjetting the brake rotors, I turned them down on the lathe.

I took a regular set of pipes, re-adjusted the angles on them to get a unique look, and installed them.

The frame and part of the tank after being painted.

Assembling everything including the flaming skeleton boy hanging off the gas tank/downtube.  I also cut a skull to put on the air cleaner, and an Ace of Spades to compliment the oil tank.

All the stainless artwork was sent off for electro polishing in Las Vegas.  It turned out very nice.

The finished bike getting ready for it's first ride.

A buddy of mine checking out the feel of the chopper.  Summer of 2008.

The completed bike.   

The bike was entered in the Chrome in the Dome show in Pocatello, Idaho where it got a lot of attention.  It also won the Testy Festy Bike Contest in the Fall of 2009. 

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