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Pat Burrington, Owner
Rapid Creek Cutters
Stevensville, Montana.

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Feel free to email me with questions, but if you want a quote, you MUST fill out a quote form.  It's fast, easy and asks all the necesary questions I need to get you a price back.  I can't do quotes over the phone as it's necessary to look at a pattern or design first, but can try and answer any questions.

1)Do Not By-Pass the Quote Form! It's there for a reason.  The form asks you all the necessary info I need to get your pricing. If you are uncertain about something, please try to do some research on your own, or email me first to get your questions answered, and then fill out the quote sheet.   If you don't know the size you want and say, "you pick" or "don't know" the metal thickness you want and say, "you decide-you're the expert" it's not going to get quoted.  I will not pick sizes, recommend metals or thicknesses of signs for people.  I've done that before and have to re-do things at my expense.  If I guess for someone, do a job, send it off, and then later get an email of, "We'll, that's not exactly what we had in mind...."  Then they want you to do it over for free, or refund their money because I guessed wrong. 

2) Metal:  Steel is the cheapest, then Aluminum, then Stainless.  If you are wanting something out of Cor-Ten, brass, copper, plastic, tile or something not so common, I will have to get some current pricing on that.  Metal is sold by weight, so a sign that is 1/4" thick is obviously going to cost and weigh more than a 1/16" thick sign.  Thicker industrial parts or signs are slower to cut and/or machine vs. thinner parts/signs, so the labor to cut something thick is going to cost more than something thin. On the flip side, thinner material is flimsy and can look tacky sometimes.  It's a balancing act between cost & quality and a choice the customer has to make on their own. 

3) Sizes: A 1 ft x 1 ft sign is going to be lighter than a 2 ft x 6 ft sign, obviously, regardless of it's thickness.  Shipping anything is based on overall size & weight of the package, so, a small sign is going to be cheaper than a huge sign.  A sign made from 1/8" steel regardless of size, is going to weight 1/2 as much as the same sign 1/4" thick.   

4) Coatings:  Plain is the cheapest, painting and acid rusting are after that. They require secondary processes.  I don't use a powdercoater anymore as it was turning into a big hassle.  If you want something powdercoated, you can still get it done (plain) by me, then take it to a local coater after you get it, go through all of their different colors, pick one, get it coated, and then complete the project.  

5) Drawings/Sketches:  If you are wanting a custom made sign, a sketch or design of your own is required. I don't draw anything from scratch.  A sketch gives me the basic idea you are going after, as well as gives me something to give you a quote on., If you don't  have a photo, sketch or drawing, I can't give you an estimate.  Please be sure to send them in a separate email to: with your name and contact info.  

6) Quote times: A quote will be good for 10 days after I email  you back a price.  Metal prices fluctuate continually and getting a price in March and then waiting until May to order it will not work as the prices of steel, aluminum, stainless, and copper have all changed. 




Pat Burrington, Owner

Rapid Creek Cutters

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 Driving Directions to the Shop:

Rapid Creek Cutters 
  130 Garnet Drive, Stevensville MT  59870


Weld Shop Ph: (406) 642-3155


If you need to contact me, email me at the address above.  Please fill out a quote form for a quote or estimate on your project. 


Patrick L. Burrington, Owner  

Click on FAQ for instructions on how to get your ideas, pictures, scans or cad drawings to us.
Email or call with any questions or ideas.
Pricing on preparation (scanning, drafting, etc.) and the actual cutting will be quoted on a per job basis.

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