Etched and Cut Glass

To the left is a typical Mirror that has been etched by waterjet cutting a stencil, overlaying it on the mirror, and lightly sandblasting.  Then just wipe with glass cleaner and it's done.  This can also be done on glass, tiles, and rocks.  We do the stenciling, you do the etching.  

Frosted Moose in a Mirrored Coffee Table

Elk Mirror Inlaid in a Glass Coffee Table

This coffee table had steel logos cut out and inlayed into mirror for a local customers' business. 


This windmill was waterjet cut from 1/4" mirror for a gift to John's Paint & Glass, Pocatello, ID.

This custom hot-rod's curved windshield being waterjet
cut down 3" for a 50's chopped restoration project.


Pat removing the scrap.  3-axis cutting on a 2-axis machine on glass??  How'd he do that?
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