Welding/metal fabrication/industrial


Aluminum welding being performed on a tank.

I was a welder in the US Army.  Went to college on my GI Bill to earn a degree in Welding & Metallurgy and can do most types of metal fabrication.

Machine Work

OMAX Waterjet cutting a 1/2" thick custom bell housing for Vintage Jag Works.

Shown above is a custom bell housing being waterjet cut from 1/2" steel for a customer in Idaho.  If you need parts cut by waterjet-please contact me.

Branding Irons

Custom branding irons cut by waterjet table from stainless steel.

Not common, but I also build custom freeze and fire brands, stencils for burning wood, and brands for wood marking.  Shown above is a Stainless freeze brand (waterjet cut).  Handles can be added by welding if requested.

Plastics, Gaskets, Rubber

Industrial cutting of 3" thick UHMW plastic by the OMAX waterjet in Stevensville, MT.

Besides welding and metal fabrication, I've done a lot of industrial cutting of UHMW, rubber for custom gaskets, shim stock, paper gaskets, plexiglass, acrylic, and other plastics.

Custom Tools

Custom made spanner wrench waterjet cut from 1/2" aluminum for the Union Pacific RR.

The OMAX CAD program is great for signage as well as industrial machine work.  For example: I can make custom tools if needed.  Shown above is a spanner wrench made from 1/2" aluminum for the Union Pacific Railroad-Pocatello ID.

Waterjet Etching & Engraving

Custom made oversized welding inspection gauge cut  and etched by waterjet.

By using low pressure on a waterjet, you can etch parts, part numbers, calibration lines, text and many other types of detail into industrial items as well as custom signage.