Hundreds of pics of past work here:  METALS 2and  MISC. WORK 

Newest  can be found on my Facebook page as this website is loading slowly.  That link is:  RAPID CREEK CUTTERS- FACEBOOK   Anyone can view the pictures there since the page is public, whether or not you do Facebook.  I also have some cool videos of shop projects on there as well.  Feel free to leave comments or reviews there if you like.  Feedback is always welcome!

Custom Metal Signs:  Step by Step:  1) The customer fills out a quote form (that link can be found at the top of any web page) and sends in their sketch/design/drawing idea for me to review.   2) I email them back with a price quote.  3) If the customer wants to proceed, they place the order and make the purchase.  4) I then trace and convert the customer's design into a computerized CAD drawing, make it into a proof, and email it to them.  5)  The customer reviews the proof, makes any necessary changes (if needed) and let's me know the proof is okay to proceed with.  6) I then cut out the sign or industrial items, photograph them, wrap, make a custom box to fit their project, and ship it to them. 


NOTE:   All signs are quoted as "flat signs" unless you request mounting brackets, studs, spacers, etc.  If you need these, please let me know when you submit your drawing.   Any special requests such as raised lettering for 3D signs, over-sized signage, clear coating, etc, just needs to be included in your email.

     Signs will vary in price. Mild steel is the cheapest, then Aluminum, then Stainless.  If a sign has a lot of detail or cutting in it, it's going to cost more than a basic sign.  Thick material costs more, cuts slower and weighs more when estimating S&H.  It will look better in the long run, but it's going to cost more than thinner metals.

Thank you,   

 Pat Burrington-Owner.

This aluminum 4 ft. x 4 ft. custom sign with black steel backing was made for a hunting ranch in Lisbon, ND. Aug 2011.

This 5 ft. wide sign was designed by the customer then plasma cut and powdercoated for a church in Minnesota.  Aug 2011.


A 2 ft. x 4 ft. sign made for The Arete Hotel in Boulder, CO.  The backing is made from 5/16" thick stainless.  The letters are raised off the backing 3/4 in. with studs & spacers. The letters are made from rusted steel to give it contrast from the stainless.  June 2012.

This custom alum. sign was fab'd from square tubing and 1/4 in. thick plate.  It was mounted over the main window of a business.  December 2011.

A stainless oval with raised, rusted lettering and logo welded on pins and the pins welded to the stainless backing .  Courtesy of Clancy International, California.
SB 53 E 
CBS Sports had me make a mock up of the Super Bowl lettering for Super Bowl 53 (Feb. 2019) from 1/8" stainless and do the lettering in 3D.  Courtesy CBS Sports-New York, NY.
SB 53 I 
A close-up of the OMAX waterjet etching of the NFL logo on the SB 53 trophy.   CBS Sports, NY.
A 23" x 20" custom sign made from 1/8" steel, painted black sitting on a white background. 

2 sets of these stainless signs were cut for a BBQ smoker in Texas.  Studs were welded on the back and tubing spacers were installed between the signs and the smoker wall to give it an offset.  May 2012.

 A local customer had this 1/4" thick Cor-ten sign made as a Christmas gift.  December 2011.

A custom address sign made from mild steel with studs and spacers on the back for a 3D look when bolted to the house wall.

About 50 of these signs were waterjetted from 1/4" Cor-ten for a botanical garden in California.  May 2012.  Courtesy-Ruth Bancroft Gardens, Walnut Creek, CA. 

A 4 ft. x 4 ft. address sign for a customer in Colorado was plasma cut and painted black.

A 2 ft. x 6 ft. custom mild steel sign.

A light ga. steel sign that was mounted below a wood carved bear named "Bosco".  The customer formed the sign around the base of the bear.  

Here is the sign after installation.  Spring of 2012.

A custom sign made for a customer in New York that was acid rusted to give it an authentic look.  June 2012.


Rustic looking address sign before clear coat.  This one went to New Mexico.  Oct 2012.

2 sets of these sign were built for a restaurant in Connecticut.     

2 sets of these 1/2" thick alum. signs approximately 8 ft. long were made for a business in California.  

A builder in Mississippi had me fab a custom guitar case insert.

A custom stainless sign made from 1/4" steel.  

A customer in California had me cut this sign from 14 ga. mild steel with a custom font.  The signs were then curved and bolted to a vintage water tank on their ranch.



Here is the sign after installation.

A rusted sign located at side entry way for a restaurant in California.  June 2012.

A plasma cut steel sign of a cabin.  The customer e-mailed a color photo of the cabin which was traced and converted into a CAD file for cutting.

Custom address marker with a special requested western font that was cut from mild steel and painted brown.

Several of these custom made hat racks with 12 hooks per sign were made for a customer in California as Christmas gifts.  December 2011.

1/4" stainless flat mount grave marker.

Custom sign with a skull hanging from the O in hooked.  December 2011.

Custom signs for condos in Telluride, CO.  They were made from 1/8" mild steel and acid rusted.  December 2011.

One of the signs at left mounted from the beam of the building.

Plasma cut name sign with a black finish.


2 address signs with mounting hardware fab'd for a family in Park City, UT.  

Plasma cut sign for a wine store.

A western sign plasma cut and painted flat black. 


Custom sign for a customer in Colorado.

A business sign made of 1/8" stainless for a customer in California.

A custom built fireplace 3 section fireplace screen with horse silhouettes welded to the front to give it some added flair.  


A 3 ft. wide oval sign made from 1/4" brushed aluminum.  The lettering was mild steel, rusted, and set off the face of the sign with spacers to give it depth.  

Metal Western Chandelier

This 3pc. packstring was cut for a kitchen in Park City, Utah and installed over a copper background.

Moose and stump scene donated to local charity auction.

Elk and stump scene.

Custom nameplate cut, sanded, and fired to give a rainbow effect.  

This custom nameplate was waterjet cut from stainless for a motorcycle fender.

Steel plasma cut sign for a customer in Washington state.

Another custom sign of some Quail and chicks.

Standard branding iron handles with brass freeze brands cut on the waterjet.

Close up view of brass freeze brand.

Custom brass freeze brand order.

A set of Colt.45 pistol grips were waterjet cut and then a cross-hatch pattern was etched into the surfaces of the grip handles to repair a damaged pistol.

An 8 foot wide steel pack string cut on the plasmaCAM.

A zoomed in view of the detail of the pack string on the left.

A custom 5 foot handsaw sawblade that had a pack string and 4 of the owners brands waterjet cut into it for a wall hanging.   

A cider company in Canada had us cut metal stencils for marking their product barrels.  Made from light gauge galvanized.  

A custom 3/8 steel sign waterjet cut for a Christmas gift in December 2010 that was sent to Nebraska.  

Another custom sign sent to Nebraska, December 2010. 

A short run of Plasma cut silhouettes for Circle C Frames-Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

 A close up of the Circle C Frame snowmobiles.

Custom stainless sign for agency in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Plasma cut elk and scene sign.

Custom made grave marker with names on tags.

A custom cut sign from Cor-ten steel 88" wide for a subdivision located in North Carolina.

This stainless sign was cut for a consulting agency located near St. Louis, MO. Courtesy of

Custom plasma cut sign for a horse stable that was shipped to Louisiana.  

Entry way sign for the Downey Cemetery in Downey, Idaho.

A custom ordered address number cut from Cor-ten steel for a customer in Oregon.  This was installed in a rock wall with back lighting.  The Cor-ten will rust and seal itself giving a rustic apperance.

This 5' wide sign was cut and sent to be placed on a boulder at the city limits of a city in Ohio.

A custom cut set of mudflup tops made from 1/8" diamond plate aluminum.

A custom built firewood rack for a deck.

A local fabrication shop had me waterjet cut a front for a headstone and then cut a stainless duck and deer silhouette that were spot welded on the face of the plate after it was assembled.  Courtesy of Copeland Metal Works- Aberdeen, ID

These four custom cut signs were made from 1/4" Corten Steel and sent to California for a Wildlife Habitat project.  Courtesy of Rachel Slick.

Full view of the Corten Signs before being shipped to Arizona for assembly.


A custom made address sign.

These 10 Ga. Stainless Signs were cut for Orion Mechanical, a local contractor in the area.


A customer drew this in AutoCAD.  I cut the fireplace cover out of 10 ga on the PlasmCAM and the elk scene on top on the Omax waterjet.


A customer had me convert a bear trap into a chandelier.

The trap with the light fixtures and flat black paint.

Testing the light to see if the lights all worked.


Custom sign for a neighbor's restoration project.


A Navy Lt. emailed me from Iraq and wanted to see if I could engrave some metal they had recovered from an unsuccessful suicide bomb attack and make bracelets for their unit to commemorate the event.  Courtesy, Lt. Scott Wichman, USN, Camp Gannon, Iraq.



My own weathervane design.


Another weathervane.

A neighbor had me take his old boat motor and put some brackets on it to hold his mailbox.


A custom steel sign 2 ft. x 2 ft. that went to California.  The pattern was later reduced down to 6" x 6" had 3 hooks added to the bottom and turned into a wall hanging for dog leashes.

Metal sign for pizza restaurant chain.
 3/16" steel address sign for local business owner.

Sticker from local snowmobile club.


Aluminum sign etched and cut after converted.


1/4" steel skulls waterjet cut and etched for door pulls.  Courtesy of Galloway Fabricating, Leesburg, Indiana.


  A 3 place Nitrous Oxide tank mount built for a show truck that was entered in the SEMA Truck Show-Las Vegas 2005.  Courtesy of Bully Dog Technologies- Aberdeen, Idaho.


6 different metal theme signs like this one were converted from jpeg drawings to dxf format and then waterjet cut. Both processes done with the Omax waterjet system.


A custom designed rope pull handle for a snowmobile cut from 1/2" aluminum.


12 ga. sign mounted on barnwood with a 1/2" reveal for a cabin in Island Park, Idaho.  Drawn with Omax, cut with  PlasmaCAM.

A custom wedding anniversary gift cut and flame colored that went to Illinois.

Stainless 3-in-1 Horseshoe Gauge.  6 inch go-no go, built in tape measure, & straight-edge.  Order above.  Comes with key ring for easy carrying.

Aluminum sign of hummingbird w/roses for 2005 Annual Lish reunion.
          Metal address sign for Island Park, Idaho residency.  
I have been cutting theme table bases as a subcontractor for a local distributor of high-end tables.  Jackson Hole, Wy.  This then gets a 3" wood slab on top and painted flat black.  

Plasmacut logos for a customer making a set of gates.         

  PlasmaCAM cut address sign.  It was then sprayed over and over with a saltwater/peroxide mix to rust it quickly.    

Two foot diameter sign for the Operator's in Nevada.

 Custom 6 place mailbox stand made with the PlasmaCam.

  Set of custom privacy gates.  The design was
taken from one of my hitch covers, converted and cut.


A grave marker waterjet cut and engraved out of 1/4" SST with an 8" x 8" base welded to it.


A custom sign for a wooden chest.

Driveway Light

Pauly holding his 10 ga. steel packstring 7'6" long, after being cut on the PlasmaCam.
Cowboy scene inserted into existing gate.
 Custom sign designed by JG Signs & Designs,
Sonora CA, mfg'd by Rapid Creek Cutters.
A Model 504 Winchester.  This was plasma cut from 1/4" steel for a wall hanging.
This gun was 8 feet long and weighed about 70 lbs.  
This photo was hard to take with the glare, but is a PlasmaCAM cut base that was rolled and will be the bottom of a log coffee table.  Approx. 30" long x 16" tall.

Mary Kay cosmetics had me make a few deskstands for their quarterly awards dinner.

Custom plasma cut address numbers.
Custom designed copper weathervane for the Wowhaus in California.

3-D flat black condor silhouette over copper background.  4' across.


It was snowing outside, so photographed this 6' tall PlasmCAM cut cowboy and steer inside.  1/4" steel plate.


Metal Signage-Jackson, WY.


PlasmaCAM cut 3/16" mild steel letters with wrought iron style finish.


Custom designed by the owner-then scanned, converted, PlasmaCAM cut and fabricated into a mailbox base.


A 5 place hat rack waterjet cut for a local radio station as a Christmas gift-2004.


Waterjet cut .060" alum for stenciling.


Professional barbecuer who had me cut out 2 stainless Texas silhouettes 24" tall to smoke/grill his stuffed peppers for cook offs. 


Metal signage for sign shop in California.


A low-pressure waterjet etch on .063" thick stainless steel, with no thru holes.  This can be used on fuel tanks, valve covers, and marking part numbers.

A waterjet etched nameplate on stainless steel.  Difficult to photograph these, I've learned.


A yacht company in Florida had me waterjet cut some stainless logo's for their product line.  

Steel silhouette 5' tall cut with Plasma.  This was converted from a black/white sketch to finished product in one day. 
 Miner with matching steel lettering installed at the bank.  Picture courtesy of Mother Lode
Bank-Sonora, California. 
 We do desk stands like this one for office managers, B.A's, B.M's, secretary's and more.  

 Steel framed bench with barnwood.  The owner had us cut the name "L I S H" with the waterjet in the backrest for added flair.

Fireplace Screen
Custom built steel grave marker/flower basket with waterjet cut lettering on the front.

Stainless steel wall hanging.

Custom Sign being pickled to give rustic appearance
for Ward + Blake Architectural Firm, Jackson, WY.

Stainless Steel Wall Hangings

Misc. Signage

Coyote Wind Chimes

Moose Rack

Elk Weather Vane

Moose Weather Vane
The two photographs above are of a wall hanging made from
  stainless steel with brass lettering.  Together they show both the luminosity and burnishing.
  It is difficult to show the luminosity of stainless steel without hiding the etched details and subtle burnishing of the metal.  Photographs do them no justice, they need to be viewed in person.

Cedar Custom Handrail Cut Entirely
with Waterjet

Custom Designed Cribbage Board

Gravemarker with basket hooks.
Custom plasma cut sign of teamropers.

Metal lettering about to go on landscaping rock for
Wes & June Lish, Inkom, ID.

Custom Metal Sign for Romriell residents near McCammon, ID.


Waterjet cut branding iron

Plasma cut mailbox stands of Elk and
Deer at one of our shows.

 Custom Stainless Wall Hanging Sign

Stainless Steel Sign

Donated POW-MIA sign.

Waterjet etched nameplate.


Custom Stair Casing

Metal Staircasing.  See finished product at: Courtesy of Ward+Blake Architects.


Custom Stair Casing

Packstring on handrail.
12 gauge cowboy sign with 20 riders.

Custom signage prior to being shipped off for chroming and install.


Metal inlayed into wood, award on metal

6'0 Tall Parking Space Stencil-City of Inkom.

Custom Address Sign

A 5'0 Tall Steel T-Rex Cut out on my Plasma Cutter. 
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