Here is another page of metal art done in Montana.  All of the signs shown on all pages were originally from customers' patterns.   If you are wanting an estimate, just have a pattern, sketch or photo that you can submit with the quote form for me to look at in order to base costs on. The Metals 2 page is loading slowly due to the large number of pictures, so the most current photos are on RCC's Facebook page.  FB link can be found on the HOME page. 

A custom 5 ft. wide stainless/rusted steel sign for a customer in Canada.  The lettering is acid rusted and welded on to the sign with spacers to give it some depth.   Summer of 2014.

A solid copper sign made for a historic landmark in Virginia.

A 4 ft. x 3 ft. stainless sign with painted logo and lettering.  Logo and text are on pins that weld to the back of the sign making the design offset from the stainless for a 3D look.   Courtesy of ACR in Salt Lake City, Utah.  2018.
A photo of me welding the pins from the back on the ACR sign.  There was about 80 welds to do on this sign.

A mild steel sign made for a Micro Brewery.  2014

A fantasy football league had me make up this custom award to give to the winner at the end of the season.

A retirement gift for a member of a military unit made from mild steel with a plain finish.

An acid rusted address marker.

A custom guidon for a an Army Officer at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had me build a steel flag with
the unit crest & company number on it.  Made from
rusted steel for the flag part and raised, etched, stainless for the pistols and numbers.


The pole was eventually 8 ft long and the guidon, shown here at full size.  I rolled the flag tips two different directions to simulate it in motion from the wind.  2014

Aluminum sign as a custom anniversary gift.

A rusted address sign for a customer in Canada.  It was inlayed into the wood by the customer.

1/4" stainless steel sign.

Some 1/4" steel lettering that will purposely rust after it is installed to give the letters an old style look.  Courtesy of Bronx Brewery, Bronx NY.

A sign cut as a gift for a retiring military officer in Oklahoma.

A very large custom tri-fold fireplace screen for a customer's cabin in Southern Utah.

Two sets of custom logos cut from 1/8" aluminum.

A stainless steel sign hung over a green painted wall for a customer in California.

Two of these 15 ft. wide signs were made for a resort in Texas.  All pieces had metal studs on the back so that they could be anchored into the wall and offset with spacers for a 3 dimensional effect.  Courtesy of Haras Hacienda, TX.

3 flame colored signs for a realtor in Cody, Wyoming who was giving these out to clients upon the closing of the house/property. 

Bocce Scoreboard for a customer in California.

This Zensylvania metal sign was cut and shipped to California and then installed on the stone pillar.

An Island I built in 2013 that is 80" x 80".

A 5 ft x 2 1/2 ft. big custom pot holder with trees, bears, and elk.

The pot rack was then mounted by chain over the new kitchen island after getting a few heavy coats of flat black paint.

View of the rack showing the elk and trees.  I welded 4 round discs in the inner corners to put electric candles in after it was up.

Some custom steel signs with a rusted finish for a professional photographer in Ohio.

Two of these were made with a white steel center sandwiched between the two in order for the sign to be visible from either direction.  (two sided sign)

2 ft x 4 ft. sign made from 1/4" Corten steel.  Shipped to Washington State.

2 ft. x 5 ft. custom sign.  Main sign is a copper patina, the designs are stainless welded on studs & spacers for a 3D appearance.  Sent to South Carolina.  Summer of 2013.

Custom sign-spring 2013.

Custom address sign with arrow.

Custom stainless/mild steel sign.

Aluminum sign that was screwed onto a wooden chest.

Custom cut stainless nameplates with a swirl pattern.

2 ft x 3 ft aluminum stencil for marking vehicles in a military unit in Afghanistan (2013)

Custom 2' x 5' sign for a ranch in Montana made from rusted mild steel.

Round mild steel sign, plain finish, that the customer welded on a gate and later painted.

Sign made for a jewlery store in 2013.

A custom sign 2' x 4' with a black steel backing and stainless design that was mounted on short spacers to offset it from the back.

A customer back East who makes authentic Civil War clothing needed a short run of belt buckle clips waterjetted out of light gauge galvanized steel.

A customer in the Virgin Islands needed a stainless BIG PLANET and a steel "made in st-john" sign for his local business store front.

Several sets of these 1/4" stainless pieces were cut out for a project at the Borjon Winery in California.

A business sign made from a customers' artwork around Christmas of 2012.

Custom oval sign.  Mild steel, flat black paint.

On the METALS page, this same logo was made into keychains.  The customer then ordered the same design about a year later only enlarged and waterjetted into a 6" x 12" rectangle for a license plate.

Custom address sign 2 ft x 2 ft, from brushed mild steel.

Two brands were traced and cut into mild steel signs and sent to Texas.  Customer then welded these onto some gates and painted everything.

Custom sign with specialized font.

2 ft tall family sign. Mild steel, rusted finish.

A large church sign with rusted finish, studs & spacers going to Jacksonville, Florida -2013.

A memorial sign and brackets that were screwed to a wood board by the customer after getting them done by me. 

A custom sign for a restaurant in New York City.  Mild steel with a hand-rubbed copper patina finish. Jan. 2013

This large sign had a 24" x 30" logo, and 2.5" tall individual letters for a customer in Kentucky.  Sept. 2013.

Rusted steel sign for a restaurant in California.

A large rusted sign for a winery in California with their name, logo, and a bunch of grapes below the horse.  Sorry for the bad photo-I kept getting a glare from the clear coat.

A pair of these custom steel logos were waterjetted for a customer in Georgia.  Fall of 2013.

6 of these custom fence post finials were cut.  The customer then added a different colored piece behind the design for contrast and then welded everything to the steel post.

Steel sign that has waterjetted text and engraved/etched logo of the atomic symbol.

Zoomed in view of the etching with the low pressure on the OMAX waterjet.

A custom fratenity paddle with Greek Symbols.  24" tall, 3/16" steel plate.

A small stencil made from aluminum for a customer wanting to etch this design onto glass items he makes.

Sign for Christmas present- Dec. 2012.

Mild steel sign, plain finish.  Courtesy of HINGE Architects.

A customer had me cut this 2 ft x 3 ft custom made grill for his family's BBQ.  Summer 2013.

This 3 ft. dia. sign was made from mild steel and has a flat black paint/finish.   Shipped to Texas, Fall of 2013.

A 3 ft. diameter two piece sign.  Backing is 1/4" steel with acid finish, top design is stainless steel.  This went to the Koot-neigh stables in British Columbia.

4 custom plates for a BBQ team in Texas. Jan 2013.

Another BBQ team in Texas wanting steel signs for their cooker.

4 of these horse & jockey silhouettes were cut from light gauge steel and painted flat black.

4 of these signs were cut, rusted and shipped to a customer in Texas.

Stainless gift made from stainless with a brushed finish.  Christmas 2012.

Signs made for a customer on the East Coast who was adding these to a show car.  1/8" aluminum.

A custom sign with personalized fonts for a couple in Michigan.  Spring 2013.

Rusted and coated sign with studs on back that went on a large boulder for a Christmas gift.  Dec. 2012.

A pair of waterjetted aluminum logos.

This Art Academy had me make them a sign traced from their artwork design.  Courtesy, SAVA, New York, New York.

Business sign.  Mild steel, plain finish with studs & spacers.

Stainless sign with initials only.

Oval sign. Mild steel, no finish.

Restaurant sign with flat black finish.

2 identical sets of these plate holders were built for Christmas Gifts 2012.  The leaves were all cut out, sandblasted and flame colored to give them a fall look.  They were welded to the two uprights (left and right) that had hooks to mount it to the wall.  The uprights had a U shaped bracket across the front at the bottom to hold a large server plate/platter.

Waterjet cut sign from 1/8" copper plate.  Christmas of 2012.

2 ft. x 4 ft. steel sign.

Steel stencil used with a propane torch to mark wood products.

Me testing the stencil before shipping it out.

Address sign-Christmas 2012.

Custom sign 3 ft long sent to Afghanstan.  I think it was a unit's insignia/logo.  1/8" mild steel, plain finish.

Custom sign that went to Louisiana.  Dec. 2012.

2 of these signs went to a Guide Service in Missouri.  Spring 2013.

A 4 sided custom Obelisk was made from 1/8" cold-rolled steel.

I leaned it together to get a few pics of it, broke it down and then shipped it to a customer in California.  It stood 4 ft. tall.

1/8" mild steel sign.

These signs are 2 ft. x 2 ft., made from 3/16" Corten Plate and had studs/spacers on the back.  I sandblasted them prior to shipping to New York.  The Corten will then start to rust after they're installed.

My first job after moving to Montana.  Oct. of 2012. This 2 pc. sign has a stainless background (on top only) and mild steel on top.  Shipped to Texas.

Custom sign.  Steel, flat black paint.

Aluminum sign made for TV station in Colorado.

These comical signs were made, rusted, clear coated and then the customer put refrigerator magnets on the backs to attach them to the front of the fridge. 

Some custom art shipped plain to the customer.

The customer then in-layed the two pcs. in a light for the Mancaves' pool table after painting them.  Spring 2013.

Small custom sign.

Company sign cut and shipped to Colo.

Custom cut spider web.  1/8" mild steel.

The customer welded the web into his headache rack and then installed it behind the cab.

Small custom ordered metal sign for the squirrels in a park.

These 7 stainless silhouettes were waterjet cut from 10 ga. steel, polished and then inlayed into an outdoor cooking island at a person's residence.   Winter of 2012.

Rusted custom sign.

1/4" thick rusted sign for an Architectural Firm.

A customer in Wyoming had me trace a pattern of the Teton Mountain Range for an address sign.

Here is the sign after installation.  Summer of 2013.

Another custom sign bought for a gift.  Summer 2013.  The tubing, mounts, handsaw and rings are flat black, the sign itself is mild steel with a rusted finish.  I also waterjet cut out the wood handles for the grips on the saw and bolted them on to give it a life-like appearance.

A custom yard/garden marker.  Mild steel with a 24" piece of rebar welded on the bottom to push it in the ground.

Business sign for company in Arizona.

Metal sign for a restaurant in California.  Summer 2013.

Sign cut for a Christmas Gift -Dec. 2012.  1/4" aluminum plate with the lettering waterjet cut.  Sign was then grained with a polishing wheel.

Small custom cut sign.

Light gauge steel sign in a custom font.

A return customer ordered another sign, same size, same style, but with WELCOME cut in the bottom instead of CEMETERY.

4 of these signs were waterjet cut from stainless plate for a mortuary in California.  Spring 2013.

A 3 ft. diameter sign cut with a company's personal logo and font.

A custom aluminum sign with dolphins top and bottom shipped to the Carolinas.

Sign after a turquoise patina and install.

Another wood branding iron in the shape of a wishbone.  I waterjet cut the brand, welded a short rod on and capped it with a pine wood handle.

Close up of the brand itself.
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