A photo gallery of past projects I've made with the waterjet.  A waterjet can cut materials other than metals such as floor tile, glass, mirror, rock, rubber, gaskets and more.  Steel lettering and logos can also be built and anchored to landscape stones.

Landscape Boulders


A landscape rock at the entryway to a Park in Idaho that had me cut their logo, paint it, and anchor it to the face of the stone.

Sandblasted address rocks


A customer had me personalize this stone by waterjet cutting a rubber template and then sandblasting & painting the design onto the surface.

Custom Tile Inlays


Waterjets can cut two different colored pieces of tile and you can inlay them into a floor or wall to add some unique designs for tile cutting projects.

Mirror and Glass


Waterjets can easily cut glass and mirror.  This custom project was a steel coffee table  with a glass top and an elk made of mirror inlayed into the glass.

Rubber Flooring


This Bengal inlay was made by waterjet from multiple pieces of colored rubber flooring.  

Industrial Cutting


I can also cut industrial projects on the waterjet such as this piece of refractory fire brick.  A sample shape was cut to in this brick to show edge quality for a customer.