Note:  I have done a fair amount of tile inlays for various customers.  I apologize for not having a larger amount of photos at this time for you to view that would show the quality of work and the variety of designs better.  

Inlayed Tile Coffee Table with Trout

Marble Baseball Diamond

This 5 foot by 5 foot mirror had 2 electrical sockets cut into it for a bathroom.

Muledeer tile inlay for 3' x 4' landing

A test cut through a refractory brick to determine the edge quality.


A quick sample of floor tile I made for a trade show.

The border pieces for the sunburst inlay.  

5X5 Rubber Flooring Inlay

     14X6 Rubber Flooring Inlay


Partial view of hallway with random leaf pattern

Custom Cut Inlayed Tile with Leaves

Blue Stars Inlayed in White Tiles

Sunflower Tile Made from 23 Pieces of Inlayed Tile
            Waterjetting a tile border larger than the table size can be done by using a false top and indexing the parts
Marble inlay of "Black Beauty" for Bridger residents, Inkom, ID.
Tile Inlay of eagle about to land.

Glossy floor tile etched with "Welcome to Jackson Hole" and moose silhouette

Geko Lizards Inlayed for a Typical Backspash
Similar inlay, only using prancing horses
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