Allis-Chalmers and John Deere antique tractors.


I've kept an eye open for old tractors, mostly John Deere, and one Allis-Chalmers to restore.  I still use them around the property cutting wood, spreading gravel, moving snow, etc.  

A test drive on the John Deere 40 tractor back in 2015.  Stevensville, MT.

My John Deere 40.  

I built this adjustable rear blade and tested it out on the JD 50 in some snow.

My John Deere 50 with a rear blade I built for the 3 point to plow snow, keep the driveway and road maintained and so forth.

My first tractor.  The John Deere 60 "as is" in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

My John Deere 60.  This was the very first tractor I ever bought.  This is what it looked like when I bought it in South Dakota. 

The JD 60 after restoration.  New tires, paint and my custom loader.

My John Deere 60 after it was restored.  I built a loader and bucket for it to move gravel, sand and wood chips.

My favorite tractor.  John Deere 70 Gas the day we brought her home.

My John Deere 70 (Gas model).  It was in pretty bad shape when I brought it home. 

The JD 70 Gas after a restoration, new paint, chrome stack and lots more.  My favorite.

The John Deere 70 Gas tractor after I got it fixed up and painted.  

A JD 70 Diesel I bought in 2013 for $900.  It was in bad, bad, shape.

My John Deere 70 Diesel.  The worst one I've ever restored.  It was a money pit!

The 70 Diesel after restoration.  New tires, new paint, new exhaust.

The John Deere 70 Diesel after the engine overhaul, 4 new tires, narrow front end, paint, hydraulic system repair, power steering repair, flywheel repair, a new block, and 50 other things!

Me disking the west field on my John Deere 80 with my rebuilt disk in 2018.

My John Deere 80.  It's pulling a 10 ft. tandem disk I built back in 2015.

A 1947 John Deere A with a seized engine I bought for $500.

My John Deere A.  It hadn't ran in about 10 years before I bought it.  

Putting around on a 1947 John Deere D in the summer of 2015.

My John Deere D.   It's great for pulling logs and I've plowed with it a few times.  Wonderful tractor.

My John Deere MC Crawler I bought "as is" for $800 after taking the hood off.

My John Deere MC (Crawler).  It was in bad, bad, shape when I bought it. 

My 1952 John Deere MC Crawler after restoration.  Parked in front of my shop.

The John Deere MC Crawler after restoration.  I built a new front blade for it and put new hydraulic cylinders on it.  

My Allis-Chalmers WD45 the first day I had it in the shop for a rebuild.

My Allis Chalmers WD-45 tractor.  Engine  was siezed, tires were shot and it hadn't ran in years.

The Allis-Chalmers WD45 on photo day.  Restored in 2015.

The WD 45 after restoration.  I converted it to a narrow front end and built a 3 pt. hitch for the Snap Coupler.

1/3 scale hay baler I built in 2016.  It makes 5" x 7" x 12" bales of hay, alfalfa, or straw.

A 1/3 scale baler I built.  It makes bales 12" long x 6" x 8" and you pull it behind a lawn mower.  Painted in the John Deere theme.

A John Deere 44 2 bottom plow I bought for $50 on Craigslist.

A John Deere # 44 plow before getting restored.

The John Deere No. 44 plow after restoration plowing my corn patch in 2015.

The 2 bottom plow after getting painted, new tires and coulter wheels.  

A 3 point gas powered wood bandsaw I built from scratch.

A gas powered bandsaw that goes on the back of a tractor on the 3 point.  I can cut firewood branches and logs with it instead of using a chainsaw.

Me using the 3 point bandsaw to process firewood in Montana in 2013.

The 3 pt. saw in action behind the John Deere 70 tractor.   There is an article on this build if you go to and search for 3 pt. bandsaw.

A 6 ft. box scraper I fabricated with welding, plasma cutting and the waterjet.

I built a box scraper ( 6 ft. wide) to use behind one of the tractors to keep the road and driveway maintained.  

My restored John Deere No. 39 mower on the back of the JD 40.

My John Deere # 39 Sickle bar mower I restored. 

My John Deere No. 8 mower and JD 50 tractor getting ready to mow grass.

My John Deere # 8 Sickle bar mower after restoring and painting it.  It's mounted on the '50'

A generic 2 bottom plow I rebuilt and sold on Craigslist behind the WD 45.

A 2 bottom plow I rebuilt and repainted.  It's mounted on the Allis Chalmers tractor in this photo.


Custom ATV Cart

I built this tandem axle ATV dump cart with a floating axle.  It has a 60" x 32" box.  Oct. 2019.

My custom fabricated ATV cart built in Oct. 2019.

Cart with 4 Wheeler

Tandem Axle ATV  UTV cart custom fabricated in October 2019.

I use this cart around the weld shop to haul out scrap iron, haul firewood, take out ashes and it seems to work great.

More to come soon!

More to come soon!

More to come soon!

More to come soon!